5 Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

An HVAC system lasts 15 to 20 years under normal conditions but can last longer with proper care. You can prolong the life of your HVAC system by performing regular maintenance and investing a little money in upgrades.

HVAC malfunctions are every homeowner’s worst nightmare during the frigid winter or hot summers. It might be a good idea to search for heating contractors near me online, in such a situation.

Expert tips for maintaining your HVAC system to live long!

If you want your HVAC system to perform at its best, you must take some precautions to avoid problems: 

1. Replace the air filters.

Dirty filters are the most common cause of HVAC failure. Your HVAC system will be less efficient if its air filter and components are covered with dust, debris, and grime.

Moreover, a dirty air filter reduces the air quality in your home, which can activate allergies and several health issues like respiratory problems. It is best to clean the air filter monthly or invest in disposable air filters.

2. Programmable thermostats are best.

By using a programmable thermostat, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. It gives you the facility to save your preferred temperature settings, and some thermostats might send alarms about declining air quality in your home. If you are interested in installing a programmable thermostat, look for HVAC service near me online, and ask them regarding installation quotes.

3. Check for air leaks.

The warm air in your home is seeping out from corners, which could cause concern. Doors, windows, kitchen vents, and similar openings are the most likely places for air to escape. The furnace works harder because the air leaks to keep your home warm. Sealing and weatherstripping around windows and doors will help conserve heat by preventing drafts or gaps in doors, windows, or external walls.

4. Open the doors and windows.

In most cases, it’s the cheapest way to reduce the strain on your furnace. Make use of natural light whenever possible. Open the curtains of your windows during the day and let the sun’s natural heat warm your home. Let the air conditioner rest for a few hours at night in summer.

Search for heating contractors near me online, and call the expert for inspection if the electricity bills are at an all-time high.

5. Clean the condensing coils

If you have a heat pump or air conditioning system, it is essential to clean the condensing coils weekly to avoid grime and dust accumulation. Condensing coils help transfer heat, making the refrigerant cooler for efficient cooling. Dust reduces the surface area for transfer, and the cooling capacity significantly decreases.

Similarly, vacuum the furnace interiors and use a brush to remove dust from the components.

Maintain your HVAC system by making an appointment

The most efficient way to extend the life of your furnace is to have it regularly tested and serviced. It is a good idea to have your furnace inspected once a year. Regularly maintaining your furnace can improve its performance and extend its lifespan. 

To find a reliable HVAC company, search for HVAC service near me. Technic Air Mechanical will help maintain your HVAC at a reasonable cost. Call us at (720) 261-0491 to learn more about our services. 

5 Things to Do Now to Avoid a Furnace Repair Later

Heating and cooling systems are essential to keeping the indoors comfortable throughout the year, even in extreme weather conditions. Whether you have an air conditioning device or a furnace, they require periodic upkeep and repairs. Contact Technic Air Mechanical for furnace repair in Aurora, CO, and sign up for a regular maintenance plan. 

Furthermore, contacting technicians for heating and cooling maintenance first might seem like a hassle, but this effort pays off in the long run. 

Tips to avoid furnace repairs in the future

Here are some tips you can follow to keep your furnace maintained and repairs at bay:

1. Change Your Filter

Replace the air filter at the beginning of the winter season. Replace it every three months or clean it monthly if it appears dirty. Dirty filters reduce airflow and make your system work harder to cool your home. It may lead to overheating, and overheating may lead to a sudden shutdown.

2. Inspect Intake And Exhaust Pipes

Regularly inspecting your furnace’s intake and exhaust pipes can also help prevent furnace repairs. Intake and exhaust pipes regulate the airflow of your house. Debris, soot, and dust can block your pipes and damage your system. The regular inspection of your intake and exhaust pipes will enable you to remove any substance inside, allowing your system to function correctly

If the issue persists, contact Technic Air Mechanical, a reputed furnace repair expert in Aurora, CO.

3. Maintain The Surroundings of Your Furnace

Cleaning the area around the furnace is another way to prevent furnace repairs. The space around your furnace should be large enough for free air circulation and to prevent any safety hazards. The presence of aerosols, clothes, and paint near your furnace can easily cause a fire. You can prevent unnecessary damage to your furnace by keeping the area around it clean.

4. Check Your Thermostat

Checking your thermostat will prevent furnace repairs in addition to inspecting your intake and exhaust pipes. Clean the thermostat regularly to ensure it works efficiently. The average lifespan of a good thermostat is around three years. Our furnace replacement expert in Aurora, CO, recommends investing in a smart thermostat to increase energy savings if you are looking for a new thermostat.

5. Inspect the Ductwork

The attic or crawl space conditions year after year can cause the duct work to deteriorate. It can hinder the duct system that delivers heating and cooling throughout your home. It is due to duct work issues when you notice hot or cold spots in your home. It is best to call our expert to inspect the duct system yearly and repair leakage or other issues.


Investing in HVAC maintenance is better than spending on costly repairs and replacements. That’s why annual maintenance and tune-ups can enhance your furnace system’s effectiveness and prevent major breakdowns. With this method, you can save a lot of money and energy by paying only a small sum.

You do not need furnace replacement in Aurora, CO if you annually call the technicians for maintenance. Contact Technic Air Mechanical at (720) 261-0491 and schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance today!

How To Reboot A Furnace: 3 Easy Steps To Restart Your Furnace

Whether you have a gas furnace, an oil furnace, or an electric furnace, knowing how to reset a furnace is an important skill. A reset button is usually found within the blower housing adjacent to the blower motor in almost every furnace.

Having a reset button on your furnace is an important part of your HVAC system. It is designed to shut the unit off quickly, ensuring your home is heated safely. Your furnace is likely overheating if your furnace reset button keeps tripping. There may be a need for furnace repair services in this case.  

3 Easy steps to restart your furnace

  • Change The Filters

Make sure the furnace filter is clean before doing anything. Many new HVAC models have safety mechanisms that prevent the furnace from starting if the filter is clogged. Several problems are associated with dirty air filters, including restricted airflow and poor indoor air quality. Ensure your HVAC filter is clean or replaced no more than 90 days after installation.

Follow the below steps to change a furnace filter:

  • Set the thermostat to off mode. 
  • An air filter is usually located in a furnace’s top or bottom compartment.
  • You can slide the filter out once you’ve found the access panel.
  • Place the new, clean filter in the furnace with the arrows pointing toward the airflow.
  • Make sure the access door is closed and secured.
  • Check the Pilot Light

If your furnace’s pilot light is out, it can’t ignite the spark it needs to light the boilers. In some cases, you may need to remove a panel to check if the pilot light is on, but in many cases, you can just glance inside. Having turned off your pilot light, you will need to relight it. You can relight the pilot light according to your owner’s manual instructions.

The next step is turning the furnace off and back on again after ensuring the filter is clean, and the pilot light is working. If you happen to live in Aurora, Co get in touch with Technic Air Mechanical and speak to our professional for furnace replacement.

  • Turn The Furnace Off and On 

The house’s indoor temperature should be at least five degrees lower than the thermostat’s temperature. After finding the breaker box, proceed to the next step. You need to locate the breaker for your heater and turn it off. You should make sure that your hands are completely dry before you start. If you notice damage to the breaker panel, do not use it. Contact our qualified electrician if there is any noticeable damage. 

It is also important to understand that there may be an HVAC subpanel near the outdoor unit that contains the breakers. If the system is off and rebooting, leave the breaker for at least 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn the HVAC breaker back on. Once your furnace has been restored to power, turn the temperature above room temperature and set your thermostat to heat mode.

If you are looking for HVAC service near mecontact Technic Air Mechanical. For any HVAC service you require, we’ll be happy to help and provide solutions. 

Most Common Central Heating Problems & How To Fix Them

To keep your home’s central heating system functioning efficiently, you should have it serviced annually. It is possible to avoid the most common problems with central heating by taking a proactive approach. There are a few different types of central heating problems that can occur even after you’ve had the unit properly serviced, depending on the type of system. 

The central heating system of your home can be extremely difficult to operate when it malfunctions. Such situations are extremely difficult to deal with due to the cold weather. The most common central heating problems and how to fix them are listed below. While you can seek professional assistance for any malfunctions, here are some tips on how to fix them.

What are some typical issues with furnaces?

Furnaces may sometimes face problems due to their components and the surrounding environment. The following is a list of some typical issues that a furnace may experience:

  • The Furnace Is Not Producing Any Heat

If your furnace isn’t generating heat, there may be a problem with the thermostat, control valve, or heat registers. There’s also a chance that the burner or flame sensor is dirty. If you have a gas furnace, try checking the settings on the thermostat and ensure the control valve is open. 

Additionally, check for any dust or debris on the flame sensor, burner, or filter. Moreover, you can also look for heating contractors near me online, for assistance.

  • The Furnace Is Not Producing Enough Heat

It is possible to treat this condition with simple and affordable solutions, but they usually require professional cleaning and replacement to function properly. The filter, blocked vents, or ducts may be to blame if your furnace doesn’t provide enough heat to warm up the entire house.

Ensure there are no obstructions in the vents and pipelines and that you clean your filter once every 90 days. Insulation is another solution. Consider adding extra insulation if your home has gaps or many open windows. You may contact an expert furnace repair crew, who has experience with all insulating needs and requirements. Search for heating repairs near me, if you are looking for assistance.

  • The Furnace Keeps Running Continuously 

The blower fan or settings on your furnace need to be checked to see if it’s operating continuously. If the blower is unclean or blocked, there must be a problem. 

  • Unusual Sounds Stemming From The Furnace

If you hear any clanging, pounding, or popping from your furnace, contact our professional as soon as possible. It may result from a blocked burner, which traps gas and causes a mini-explosion in the furnace. It is risky and, over time, might damage your furnace. These noises can also be caused by a loose blower or worn-out motor bearings.


A regular tune-up and maintenance check may work wonders; to schedule one, get in touch with our  Technic Air Mechanical staff. We’ll be happy to help with any HVAC service you require. Our work speaks for itself!

What Happens During A Furnace Tune-Up?

As winter draws near, it’s time to inspect your furnace. Poorly maintained furnaces pose a health risk, therefore, you must do furnace maintenance before winter arrives. This article will provide you with a checklist for furnace maintenance and walk you through the process.

Tune-up checklist

  • Replace and Inspect the Furnace Filters

It is the first item you need to inspect when preparing for winter. The filters draw in dirt, dust, and other particles that amass over time and obstruct airflow. Regular filter replacement helps prolong the life of your furnace and save your power costs since the furnace will operate more effectively.

  • Inspect the Chimney and Clean It

Chimneys may get blocked by bird nests or permit the accumulation of carbon. Cleaning chimneys will shield people from carbon monoxide poisoning by properly allowing carbon monoxide to exit the home. Contact Technic Air Mechanical for furnace repair in Aurora, CO, and have experts examine your chimneys.

  • Remove Any Impediments and Open the Vents

Any obstruction of the air vents will make the furnace work harder and raise the system’s temperature. It will place too much strain on the furnace and might make accidents more likely. A piece of furniture or equipment that is too near to the vents should be moved.

  • Clean the Furnace’s Ducts

The heating ducts require thorough cleaning and inspection. It will result in better overall air quality and, most significantly, less effort on the part of your furnace to run efficiently. Additionally, look for and remove any dents, holes, mold, or mildew in the ducts.

  • Window-Cleaning and Blind-Opening Procedures

The cheapest approach to reduce your energy use throughout the winter is to do this. To give your home a natural warmth, clean the windows and allow the sun in. It would be simpler for your furnace to warm up your home if you maximize your exposure to the sun.

  • Essentially Clean Your House

Winterizing your home is important because you’ll be spending more time there. Your home should be cleaned up, including any dust, filth, mold or mildew, debris, etc., that may have developed over time. Your time indoors will be more pleasant and peaceful as a result.

  • Set the Thermostat to a Comfortable Setting

During the winter, you will use your thermostat just as much as your furnace. Use a programmable or smart thermostat to establish the ideal temperature needed throughout the day.

  • Check Your Burners, Heat Exchangers, and Gas Connections

Gas burners or connections that aren’t properly working might put the home in danger of fire. The furnace will have to work harder than usual if the burner or heat exchanger is unclean. As a result, inspecting and replacing them as necessary is required. Have your furnace professionally tuned once a year to ensure it operates as effectively as possible. To complete your task, contact a reputable professional for furnace repair in Aurora, CO

Get your HVAC system tuned up by a pro

If you are searching online for ‘heating repair near me’, for authorized and experienced professional assistance – contact Technic Air Mechanical now to book our services! We provide the most reliable services to meet all your heating and cooling needs.

4 Things To Check If Your Furnace Stops Working

Imagine if your house’s furnace or water heater suddenly stopped working. How would you handle the situation?

There are two options available: you could try to fix it yourself or contact Technic Air Mechanical for professional furnace installation solutions in Aurora, CO. It is possible to resolve the problem within a few hours if you troubleshoot or consult an HVAC technician

Possible faults due to which a furnace stopped working

Below is a list of possible reasons why your furnace could suddenly stop working. Call the experts at Technic Air Mechanical for furnace installation solutions in Aurora, CO, to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  • Long Time no Maintenance 

Most people find it challenging to schedule an annual furnace check-up. Even though the heating system is working perfectly fine, some people wonder why they should spend money on maintenance and check-ups. 

Spending enormous amounts of time and money on a problem that could have been easily resolved if detected in the early stages is a waste of time and money.  

  • Faulty Air Duct Vents  

There are times when hot air leaks from a tiny hole instead of warming up the room. While you might feel like the furnace isn’t working, the heating system might work perfectly. 

In this case, it is the air that leaks away. The duct network may be inadequate, and vents may wear out over time. You should seal the leaks as soon as possible if they can be found.

  • Refrigerant Levels are Down

If you have a heat pump in your home, ensure its refrigerant levels are adequate. If it stooped down, or if the compressor failed, it must have sunk. In some cases, a faulty blower capacitor can cause the furnace not to work. 

There is a certain tolerance level, and ignorance may lead to a problem with your furnace. Call the professionals and replace the faulty component with a new one.

  • Defective Thermostat  

The thermostat controls the heating system. Ensure the thermostat is switched on and the batteries are fully charged if your furnace does not start. 

There is likely a problem with the high-limit switch if it doesn’t resolve your problem. A professional from Technic Air Mechanical with experience in furnace installation in Aurora, CO, will be able to help you better


Having a furnace malfunction during winter can be a problem. An owner should keep it up-to-date to keep it working efficiently. Check whether the power switch is on or the furnace is not working, ensure that the furnace’s fuse is working properly.  

It is important to hire a quick expert if the fault is massive and takes more time than you can imagine. If you are searching for ‘HVAC service near me’ online, visit Technic Air Mechanical and call us for a fast and professionally resolved solution for your furnace problems. Contact us today to know more.

Should Your Air Conditioner Run All The Time?

In this day and age, we are highly dependent on technical gadgets and equipment. With global temperatures on the rise, it has become a real challenge to survive the summer without a proper AC system. It is essential to understand that the air conditioning system is an aid to help us live comfortably in unbearable heat temperatures. 

According to the experts of air conditioning installation in Aurora, CO, if your AC system runs continuously for long hours, it is time to investigate as to why this is happening. 

Should your AC run continuously?

No, the air conditioning system should not run continuously for long hours. Have you heard the indoor AC unit’s noise, stopped for a while, and started again? That’s the noise of the refrigeration cycle. 

It means the AC compressor is working to lower the temperature. The refrigeration cycle works for 10-15 minutes and takes a halt for 3-5 minutes. If the refrigeration cycle runs continuously, you have a problem.

Reasons that cause the air conditioning system to run for long hours.

According to the experts of AC service in Aurora, CO, you need to call the technician if the refrigeration cycle does not stop or stops for a lesser period. Here are the reasons that can cause the issue: 

  • You Brought a Small Size AC Unit 

Small-size AC unit has a lower cooling capacity than what is needed to cool every corner of the room. It makes the AC system run longer and exhaustively for the AC compressor.

  • Improper Maintenance

Dust and dirt accumulate on the AC components like evaporator and condenser coils and in the airway. Due to improper maintenance, the dust hinders the cooling process and reduces the output efficiency.

  • Restriction in the Airways 

Sometimes, debris material like dried leaves gets stuck inside the AC system and restricts the air passage. It also causes a hindrance to working at optimized levels, and the AC system cannot reduce the temperature in a cycle.

According to the experts at air conditioner installation in Aurora, CA, other reasons could restrict the airflow: 

  • Dusty and blocked air filter 
  • Malfunctioning blower motor
  • Frozen evaporator or condenser coils 
  • Leakage issue in the ductwork 
  • Refrigerant leakage


  • Improper Insulation 

Heat transfers from warm areas to cold areas. Insulation stops the heat transfer and conserves the chillness in your room. However, if the insulation has cracks or is withered due to old age, the air can easily escape into the outer air. It is recommended to use an air seal to stop the air movement.


If your AC system works perfectly well, and your AC system continuously runs because you have a habit of using the air conditioning system, then you should improve your habit. 

Every household should have an AC system schedule that ensures the AC system gets a break for 5-6 hours daily. During this time, open the doors and windows so fresh air circulates in the different corners of the household. 

Call Technic Air Mechanical technician if you face any problems in operating the AC system. Our experts in AC service in Aurora, CO, will take prompt action on your queries and resolve the problem effectively. 

Factors To Keep In Mind While Installing Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a complex HVAC appliance that needs regular professional care and attention. If you use an air conditioner, contact a professional technician for AC service in Aurora, CO, when your air conditioner malfunctions.

Factors that your professional HVAC company will take care of while installing your system:

  • Air conditioner type

In this modern world, numerous types of air conditioners are available to us. It is necessary to decide on the perfect air conditioner for your home. An air conditioner is a huge investment, so choose wisely.

  • Air conditioner size

Select the appropriate size that suits your home best. A bigger home needs a bigger air conditioner to cool your home. However, if your house is small, you should not invest in a large air conditioner.

  • Location of installation

One of the main factors to keep in mind while installing your air conditioner is the location in your house where you will install it. A perfect place can increase your model’s cooling efficiency. 

  • Energy efficient

Just because you have bought an expensive air conditioner does not mean it will also cool your house quickly. You can buy a model that is energy efficient so that you can enjoy your air conditioner’s cool air with a low electricity bill.

  • Cost of running

While installing your air conditioner, you should check the cost it will take to install. Try to find a professional able to  install your air conditioner at a lower price. You already have spent a lot of money.

  • Noise meter

If an amateur technician comes to install your air conditioner, there may be a chance that they may not install the unit properly. In this case, you might be subject to unwanted sounds coming from your air conditioner. 

  • Inverter air conditioner

Several of the latest air conditioners are compatible with inverters. If your area faces unexpected power shortages, installing an air conditioner that can run efficiently on your inverter without disturbing other appliances is the best option.

  • Indoor air quality

If your family is prone to seasonal allergies or breathing issues, you need to consider an air conditioner that provides high indoor air quality levels in your home. Installing an air conditioner that offers high indoor air quality levels will keep the health graph of your home in check.

  • Maintenance cost

After you start using your new air conditioner, you need to contact a professional technician annually for its maintenance. Since it is a necessary annual bill, you should know how much the maintenance will cost for the new system to plan accordingly.

  • Brand of the model

Did you know the brand of the air conditioner you plan to buy is as important as the model type? If you buy an air conditioner from a local brand, the system will not provide you with as many benefits as a branded air conditioner. 


Technic Air Mechanical will guide you throughout the installation process with a comprehensive list of air conditioners that fit your budget. Contact us to get in touch with us or search for air conditioner repair near me.

A Guide To Reset Your Air Conditioner

Have you ever contacted a professional technician because your air conditioner stopped working? Instead of contacting a technician for an air conditioning tune-up in Aurora, CO, when your air conditioner does not switch on, you can try restarting it yourself. 

You can try to restart your system without the help of a technician with some basic knowledge about the different parts of your cooling system. 

1. Need to restart your air conditioner

You may think that you will never face a situation in which you have to restart your air conditioner manually, but this may not be true. Due to several reasons, an air conditioner may stop working and need a manual kick for its usual operation.

One of the reasons may be a faulty part or equipment in the air conditioner. Another reason could be a power shortage or a tripped breaker.

2. Ways to restart your air conditioner

Our skilled team uses four ways to restart any air conditioner model, and through some practice and knowledge, you can apply them to your system as well when trouble arise. 

  • Use the Reset Button

The reset button is one of the simplest ways to restart an air conditioner. All you have to do is find the reset button in your system. Most models have the reset button on the outside unit, but if you cannot find it, try reading the instruction manual with your air conditioner.

Once you find the button and the power supply is proper, press it for three seconds and leave it. Your air conditioner will give three beeps before it starts working.

  • Use the Isolator Switch

An isolator switch is similar to a circuit breaker. The former is for more safety when your air conditioner receives maintenance schedules and repair jobs. A circuit breaker breaks the power supply to your system, but an isolator switch stops the power supply when your system is under maintenance.

You may not have an isolator switch as it is not a compulsion, but if you do have it, it will be between the main power supply and your air conditioner. Turn it off for half an hour and try switching your system on again.

  • Use the Circuit Breaker

As we have mentioned before, the circuit breaker of your air conditioner trips when there is a voltage disturbance in your area. If your area has a sudden change in the power supply, the circuit breaker will trip, and your air conditioner will not receive energy.

Try flipping the circuit breaker on to restart your air conditioner. If your circuit breaker is worn out due to power disturbance, try replacing it. However, if you do not have experience in replacing a circuit breaker, you should contact a technician to do it for you.

  • Use the Thermostat

Sometimes, your thermostat is why your air conditioner is not working. Check the setting of your thermostat and replace its batteries for proper functioning.


Technic Air Mechanical is one of the leading HVAC companies in Aurora and other surrounding areas. Our team excels in providing services like furnace installation and air conditioning installation in Aurora, COContact us to learn how we can help you with your HVAC problems.

7 Exciting Benefits Of Good Air Conditioning You Didn’t Know!

An air conditioning system helps to provide comfort and relief when with rising temperatures. If the air conditioning system is in good condition, then its services’ quality increases and works more appropriately than ever before.

Do you know how to keep your AC system in better health? And what are the benefits?

Do not worry when Technic Air Mechanical, reputed as one of the best ‘air conditioner repair companies near me’, is here to help you!

1. Benefits you get from a better air conditioning system!

The best tips come from the professional air installation experts in Aurora, CO, so here we are to explain the benefits of investing your time in maintaining the AC system’s health.

  • A comfortable and cozy environment increases work productivity and keeps your mood healthy and happy. 

  • Most health problems start with the contaminants floating in the air, and your HVAC system plays an essential role in revolving the air. So, if the AC system is dirty, the air inside the house is filled with pollutants. 

  • Technicians during service also ensure that the AC system makes less noise, and you can sleep in a quiet and relaxing environment. 

  • The AC system consumes less electricity to deliver high-quality services and keep your environment cozy. 

  • In summers, apart from our tempers, our electronic devices get overheated with little use. With a proper air conditioning system, all your electronic gadgets remain cool at a chill temperature. 

  • Poor AC systems increase moisture content indoors, and humidity and heat may react with the wooden furniture and leather artifacts. 

  • If all the airways are clean and clear, the system efficiency increases, but the insects and rodents entering your house through the AC and duct system significantly decrease.

2. Tips to keep the household HVAC system in good health!

Before you search for ‘air conditioner repair near me’ try to include these tips for your AC system, so it can work for as long as possible: 

  • Schedule preventive maintenance services annually, especially before the summer season starts.


  • Clean the air filters and condenser fins monthly to eliminate all the dust and dirt from entering the indoors.


  • Keep the thermostat temperature constant at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can change it occasionally because changing the temperature increases the compressor’s load.


  • Keep the surrounding areas of the outdoor unit clean and tidy, and install a sunshade over the outdoor system if it receives sunlight all the time.


  • If you use a duct system, then visual inspection is essential every year and duct cleaning service every 3-5 years. 


Remember that all the tips and maintenance services will make a difference if they are called timely. It is better to include all these things in your household routine and make a schedule to avoid a sudden load of responsibilities on your shoulders.

Technic Air Mechanical experts would love to take care of the household’s AC system on your behalf. Call (720)-261-0491 to hire AC installation in Aurora, CO.