With the chilly winters around the corner, homeowners have started checking their heating systems to remain guarded against the harsh, cold temperature. However, despite an extended lifespan of a heating system, they sometimes fall victim to overworking and damages.

It is especially prevalent during the peak winter season when the furnace runs around the clock, which results in overheating. Therefore, to ensure that such issues never happen with your heating system, it is crucial to call experts for routine furnace repair in Aurora, CO.

Common Indications That Your Furnace Is Overheating

Every electronic device gives off some warnings before it ultimately breaks down. If you understand those signs, you can restrict the harm to a particular extent.

Also, identifying the issues early on would help avert a complete breakdown of the machine. Some of the common indications of furnace overheating are as follows.

  • Repeated Tripping of the Furnace Limit Switch

Every heating system comes decked with a device known as a limit switch. The purpose of this device is to switch off the heating blower to limit overheating. However, if you detect that the furnace limit switch is constantly resetting, there might be higher odds that your furnace is overheating.

  • A Burning Odor from the Furnace

You may have sniffed a burning odor emanating from your heating system when you switch it on after an extended time. This stench is fundamentally due to the burning of dirt and other bits accumulated in the heater. Also, it can occur if the heating system has been out of use for an extended time.

However, if the burning odor does not dissipate even after hours, it can be a disturbing factor. It means there is a significant defect in the heating system that requires an urgent solution by a professional HVAC service provider.

  • Repeated Loud Noises Emanating from the Furnace

A heating system, or any other HVAC equipment, would work without making any sound if it is in excellent working condition. However, if it makes an odd sound while running, that is a significant reason to worry.

In addition, you should understand that different noises indicate diverse issues. For example, a deep humming sound indicates a problem with the heater motor.

Moreover, in such circumstances, the furnace motor is likely trying to compensate for a specific issue in the heater. That makes the heating system motor overheat and create odd sounds.

Tips To Reset An Overheating Furnace

In all the above circumstances, the most suitable course of action is to call an expert technician. Nevertheless, the moment you see any of these indications, it is prudent to reset them first using the tips below.

  • Calibrate the furnace thermostat to the lowest setting.
  • For a gas heater, switch off the main supply. However, do not turn off the pilot gas supply
  • Ignite the pilot light with a matchstick in case it is off.
  • Switch on the gas supply again.
  • Tap on the reset button. Remember to press the key for 30 seconds.

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