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The best choice for services and sales of humidifiers in Wheat Ridge, CO and surrounding areas is Technicair Mechanical. Balancing the humidity in the air is important to health and comfort. Let us make sure the humidity is just right for your home.

Balanced Humidity For Optimum Comfort

Is your air too dry? Ideally the humidity in the room is between 35 and 50 percent. Humidifiers add moisture to the air when it’s too dry in order to balance this out. The effects of low moisture in the air include:

  • More colds
  • Respiratory issues
  • Dry lips and skin
  • Feeling cold, especially at night

Getting the Right Humidifier For You Humidifiers & Humidification Services In Wheat Ridge, Denver, Aurora, Arvada, Berkley, Thorton, Lakewood, Glendale, Broomfield, Welby Derby, Westminster, Commerce City, West Pleasant View, Colorado, and Surrounding Areas

If you have low air moisture in your home due to moisture escaping or equalizing with the moisture level in adjacent rooms or outside, a humidifier can fix that right away. A whole-house humidifier works with your existing central heating and cooling system to equalize the humidity levels in your home. There are three different types of whole-house humidifiers:

  • Bypass humidifiers: these draw warm air from the heat ducts in your home and pass it through a panel of water. The moisture is absorbed into the air and the air circulates around your home.
  • Fan-powered humidifiers: work the same way as a bypass humidifier, except it has a fan to blow across the panel of water for more evaporation.
  • Steam humidifiers: adds humidity to the air by boiling water until it turns to steam. The system then uses a blower to circulate the steam.

Trust TechnicAir Mechanical To Get the Job Done

At TechnicAir Mechanical, we have over ten years of experience installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing whole-house humidifiers for our dear customers. We have thorough technical expertise as well as a dedication to customer service. Our aim is to service our clients quickly and professionally, in an effort to make you feel at home once again. Our motto is “Quality service, fast and friendly.”

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