Is It Worth Getting A High-Efficiency Furnace?

While you like the concept of saving money on your home heating expenses, you’ve probably observed that the prices of medium and high-efficiency furnaces are significantly different. Are you debating whether or not getting a new furnace installation in Aurora, CO, is worthwhile? We understand your confusion. Keep reading below to find out whether it is worth getting a new heating system or not.

Measurement of A Furnace’s Performance

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating helps the HVAC industry determine how efficient a furnace is. The higher this number is, the more energy-efficient the burner is.

You should be aware that heating your home with a furnace with an AFUE of 95 percent uses substantially less fuel (natural gas, propane, or fuel oil) than heating equipment with an AFUE of 80 percent. Even while higher-efficiency furnaces are more expensive up front, they will save you money on heating expenditures year after year.

Comparison Between Single-stage, Two-stage, And Variable-speed Furnaces

Check whether each type is a single-stage, two-stage, or variable-speed (or modulating) furnace while looking for a; furnace. The AFUUE rating reflects how efficiently a heating system consumes fuel. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how different furnace technology influences a new heating system’s selling price, comfort, and running costs:

  • Single-Staged Furnace: A single-stage furnace is the most basic, with only two flame settings: “on” and “off.” There isn’t a low or medium option. A single-stage furnace is less expensive than more sophisticated ones, but it has significant disadvantages. On the other hand, single-stage furnaces can produce notable temperature swings in the home and, because they’re inefficient, they’re more expensive to operate.
    Your home’s air temperature may fall to 64 degrees before the furnace heats up if your thermostat remains set to 68 degrees. Before turning it off, the furnace may need to heat the air to 72 degrees to attain 68 degrees. That’s a big temperature difference.
  • A Two-Stage Furnace: This furnace features two heat settings, ‘low’ and ‘high,’ allowing it to perform more effectively than a single-stage furnace. These furnaces allow more comfortable climate control, but they are more expensive than a single-stage furnace of comparable size.

Benefits Of A High-efficiency Furnace

Below are some advantages of investing in a high-efficiency heating system:

  • Credits for Taxes: The Internal Revenue Service currently grants a tax credit for eligible high-efficiency home upgrades.
  • Programs for Utility Rebates: Energy Star electronic appliances and energy-efficient household devices are eligible for Columbia Gas of Ohio rebates. ENERGY STAR furnaces and heating systems can save customers up to $350. Furthermore, users can save $10 to $75 on purchasing a programmable thermostat as it rarely requires a furnace repair in Aurora, CO.
  • Concerns about the Environment: A high-efficiency furnace consumes less energy while emitting fewer greenhouse gases. Of course, air quality benefits everyone, both now and in the future.

If you plan to get a new heating system installed at your place, our professionals at Technic Air Mechanical can help you save money on your heating assistance. For more details, call us at (720) 261-0491.

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