An AC relay acts as a switch and manages the flow of the power supply to the compressor and the clutch. Like any other machine, it will wear out with time and need a replacement. Without a proper working relay, the compressor will not function, and the AC will not generate cool air. Unfortunately, most people do not detect the early signs of a faulty relay and create a major issue or the AC system collapsing entirely, which leads to suffering in hot summers and huge repair bills from the AC repair near me service at their doorstep.

It is easy to detect the early signs of a faulty relay. Some of them are listed here –

  • Inconsistent Cooling

An AC compressor transforms the refrigerant chemicals from liquid to gas and vice-versa, generating cool air when powered by the relay. A faulty or breaking relay will weaken or intermittent power supply to the compressor, thus hampering the air conditioner’s performance. The system may work fine in one instance and stop working in the other.

  • AC Compressor Fails To Turn On

Whenever you switch on the AC, you can hear a slight clicking noise when the compressor system is turned on. If the system has a faulty relay and the power supply is not complete, the compressor will turn on at all, and you will not hear the clicking sound.

  • No Cooling

If the relay fails and the compressor does not receive the signal to start working, the system will not provide cool air.

  • Noise

Before a component fails in a system, it usually takes time or more energy to start working. Sometimes the struggle to switch on will lead to a rattling noise that indicates a faulty relay switch.

These faults can occur in the electromagnetic components of a relay for the following reasons –

  • Coils

Changes in ambient temperature, moisture, short circuit between turns due to corrosion or coil voltage exceeding 110% of the rated voltage are common reasons for coil failure. Other reasons may include faulty connections and damaged coil insulation, among others.

  • Iron Core

A broken sub-magnetic ring, rust, and the minimum air gap getting smaller will lead to iron core failure.

  • Contact Components

If the contact cannot open/close due to excessive load, gap, small contact capacity, sometimes the contact gap breaks down. It may happen due to environmental conditions or improper selection of parameters for efficient working.

It is advised to search for an air conditioner repair near me to look at the earliest signs of system failure to save the extra repair costs and get proper cooling all through the summers. A faulty system requires more energy to start and run, so it increases your electricity bills exponentially.

A good AC unit will only provide efficient cooling when it is working in proper condition. To ensure an efficient cooling system, call AC repair near me or the qualified HVAC repair professional at Technic Air Mechanical to conduct regular check-ups and repair service of the cooling system.