Air conditioners are one of the most frequently used devices in a house. However, for their frequent use, they are also extremely prone to damage. Neglecting regular maintenance for air conditioners can increasingly hike your energy bills. Where can you get AC maintenance in Aurora, CO? Read on to find out about an air conditioner tune-up.

What Is An AC Tune-Up?

A tune-up for your air conditioner is regular maintenance to improve efficiency. The main purpose of giving your air conditioner maintenance is to reduce future costs. In addition, an AC tune-up increases the longevity of your air conditioner.

The Right Time To Get An AC Tune-Up

      1. Strange Sounds

An old air conditioner might emit strange sounds due to broken internal parts or obstructed airflow. Other reasons could be damaged fan blades or a worn-out motor. Whatever the reason may be, it is necessary to call in a repair professional from an AC installation in Aurora, CO.

       2. A Rise In Energy Bills

Neglecting the regular checkup for your air conditioner can reduce its efficiency. As a result, the energy bills tend to increase. If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy expenses, it’s time to have your air conditioner serviced by a professional.

      3. Low Airflow

If your air conditioner is experiencing a lack of airflow, it needs a deep cleaning. A reason behind this could be dirty and clogged filters or leaky ducts. Neglecting a regular checkup to replace filters can affect the efficiency of your air conditioner.

      4. Bad Odor

A strange and foul smell from your air conditioner results from an air conditioner’s inability to drain out moisture and liquid. Call up a professional to fix the drain pipes and ensure that this bad odor problem is solved.

What Does An AC Tune-Up Include?

      1. Condenser Inspection

A condenser examination by a repair technician removes the debris that has accumulated on coils and fans. It’s crucial to get these examined because if they’re not, the air conditioner won’t be able to cool down a room properly.

      2. Electrical Components

A repair professional can check the working of your electrical components to ensure that everything is safe and has no harm to the air conditioning system.

      3. Filters

Cleaning and replacing filters is a mandatory maintenance aspect for an air conditioner. A repair professional can safely clean or replace these filters to ensure high efficiency.

     4. Drain pan cleaning

Drain pan cleaning is included in air conditioner tune-ups. It is natural for these drains to get clogged up. Cleaning them will eliminate the foul smell that an air conditioner emits.

     5. Lubrication

Air conditioners are likely to lose out on lubrication as they are used extensively. However, repair professionals can ensure that parts like fans and motors work smoothly by lubricating them.

     6. Refrigerant Check

Low refrigerant levels indicate a leak. When refrigerant levels are detected, they should be monitored and adjusted. The refrigerants can be fixed by a repair specialist, resulting in increased efficiency.

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