With summer just around the corner, everyone is thinking of using their AC throughout the night. But whether you have an old, worn unit or a brand-new, shiny one, is there a magic number that you should set your AC to at night?

The short answer is yes. The magic number is 78 degrees. This is the temperature that the U.S. Department of Energy recommends for all American homes. Whether you’re living in a small home or a mansion, it is recommended that you maintain the temperature of your house to 78. But what happens if this is too much? Are you still feeling hot in your home? Well, you can follow the tips and tricks to cool down your home.

Tips To Cool Down Your Home This Summer

Before you search for air conditioner repair near me, try out these tips –

  • Get Better Insulation

When you buy a home that comes with ‘insulation’, this usually means that the walls and ceilings of the house are insulated. Some contractors may also focus on the floors that you have installed. But two other places need insulation: windows and doors. Insulating your windows and doors is an excellent way to ensure that the cool air does not go outside.

  • Focus on Your Roof And Attic

Most homes in America do not have an insulated roof and attic. These spots are also under the sun for more than 90% of the day and therefore get headed. This head then travels inside your home, heating your home. The best way to avoid this is to insulate your roof and ceiling. Since most don’t come with in-built roof insulation, you will have to hire a contractor to do this for you.

  • Keep An Eye on The Windows And Doors

While everyone knows that windows and doors of the home should be kept closed during cooling cycles, very few people follow this. Once your home has cooled down considerably, make sure to not open any doors inside or outside the home. This movement will likely increase the temperature of your home.

  • Don’t Use Electronics

Appliances like ovens and microwaves are responsible for heating the area surrounding them. When you turn on the oven and the AC at the same point, they negate each other, and you’re left with a warm house that you can’t cool down.

Following these above-given techniques should help you cool your house down and maintain a temperature below 78. However, if that still doesn’t happen, there’s a chance your AC is not working properly. In such a situation, you should never avoid searching for AC repair near me. A contractor can easily detect a problem in your AC and solve it for you.

Keeping an HVAC contractor on retainer is an excellent idea. If you don’t already have one, you can choose to partner with us.

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