One of the most desirable features of modern furnaces is the built-in protection devices that guard them against most things that can go amiss with them. One such protection equipment is the limit switch, which is accountable for keeping your heating system’s internal temperature in control.

However, a furnace limit switch that often trips can create a problem for many homeowners and become a safety threat. Therefore, it is better to schedule routine maintenance and heating repair near me to ensure your furnace limit switch is working accurately.

What Causes A Furnace Limit To Switch To Trip Frequently?

A heating system’s limit switch is a security feature, but its unpredictable performance could mean that this part of your furnace is malfunctioning. Mentioned hereunder are some of the common reasons that lead to furnace limit switch tripping.

  • Short Cycling:

If the furnace limit switch discovers something wrong with the heating system, it will trip and shut down. Short cycling, or a quick shift in temperature between cooling and heating cycles, can make the HLS (heat limit switch) trip earlier than intended, disturbing your place’s living temperature.

In addition, short cycling takes place when the internal pipes collect too much or too little heat during every heating cycle. It is most prevalent with heating systems that are bigger than what is suitable for a house. The result is accelerated overheating and air-conditioning, making the high limit switch shut and open at short periods, ending in tripping.

  • Airflow Issues:

A dirty furnace air filter might add to an overheated heating system. As a result, restricted airflow makes random limit switch tripping of your furnace. The heating system’s capacity to understand when it should operate gets hindered by filthy or obstructed air passageways, leading to issues with the high limit switch.

  • An Unclean Flame Sensor Rod:

A metal bar that controls the valve in gas heaters is known as the flame sensor rod. If the sensor gets dusty, it may be inadequate to identify the heat of the air passing through the furnace. As a result, random responses and constant tripping are common.

Also, if you did not call experts for a heating tune-up for more than two years, the furnace limit switch tripping is happening due to a dirty flame sensor rod jammed with grime, smoke, and even dirt. Therefore you must never overlook your heating maintenance to steer clear of such issues.

  • Overheating:

Overheating is common in older heating systems and those that do not get serviced routinely. Dirty air filters, a caked sensor bar, stained blowers, and a faulty pilot light are all causes of furnace overheating, ending in the furnace limit switch tripping frequently. In addition, if you have an older furnace in your home, overheating issues may happen now and then.

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