In case the furnace in your house is blowing cold air in the bone-chilling winters, this indicates a problem with the pilot light, flame detector, air filter, gas supply, or condensate lines. Many of these problems can be effortlessly unraveled on your own by cleaning or replacing components in the gas furnace. If not, then you take the assistance of a professional HVAC service near me.

Reasons Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

1. The pilot light is damaged

If your furnace is producing cold air, it might be a nice idea to check the pilot light on your furnace to ensure it is functioning. The pilot light in your furnace is built to ignite the burners to make sure your furnace can develop heat. It is very common to have problems with the pilot light on older furnaces. We suggest following the instruction kit that came with your furnace to ignite the pilot light again.

2. Air filter is impeding airflow

Any filth, grime, dust, and soot covering your furnace will block the incoming air from your gas furnace. Universal indications of filthy air filters include long heating cycles and overheating problems. The normal overheating problem will cause your heater to blow cold air throughout your residence. To replenish the flow of warm air in your house, we suggest replacing the dusty air filter with a new one.

3. Major duct problems

If you have big holes and leaks in your ducts, cold air from your attic might get into the ducts, which may lead to improper functioning of the heater. A decent solution for this issue is Aeroseal Duct Sealing through the best heating contractors near me.

Few Steps to Follow

  • Reset switch to ON

We suggest waiting for a few minutes before setting the reset switch to the On position to give extra gas to escape from the chamber in your system. Adjust the Reset button to the Pilot setting to ensure gas can be disseminated to the pilot light.

When you have altered this setting, find the reset button on your furnace and press it. Once you light a flame, you have to release the reset button. Once you relight the pilot light, your furnace should activate to heat your home once again.

  • Find the pilot light assembly & reset

If you want to ignite the pilot light again on your own, the first thing that must be done is to locate the pilot assembly and its reset toggle. The reset toggle is generally found near the bottom of the furnace. Refer to your instruction kit if you are facing problems finding them. After the reset toggle has been found, move it to the off position to shut off the gas.

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