3 Signs and It’s Time to Call a Technician for an AC Repair!

AC systems are essential to maintain a fresh environment and airflow indoors. Summer temperatures can be excruciating, especially during peak times. Dealing with a broken down AC system is the last thing you want to deal with.  

To avoid this as much as possible, you should be aware of the signs and eliminate the worst by resolving the issues at the beginning. Before breaking down or indicating irregularities, an AC system shows alerting signs that indicate the building issue inside the unit.

When the issue’s severity increases, it affects other components’ functioning and leads to a breakdown. We have prepared a list. If you see any signs, search AC repair near me and contact the technician to help you out.

Signs You Should Never Forget And Call the Technician If You See Them!

Here are some AC repair signs that indicate a need for repair service. If you do not call the technician on time, it might turn into an AC replacement service:

  • Warm Air Blowing From The Vents: Who turns up an AC system to get warm air in a heated environment? Some tips and tricks might work to fix the issue in a few minutes, but some problems need experts’ help to resolve. Here are some reasons why this happens:
    • Dirty air filter and condenser coils
    • Diminished refrigerant levels
    • Malfunctioning evaporator coils
    • Faults in the airflow pressure
    • Compressor issue
    • Issues in the thermostat settings

The only solution to fix a malfunctioning compressor is to replace it and install a new one by calling the AC service technician in Aurora, CO.

The dirt from the dirty air filter and condenser becomes an obstruction in the path of the refrigeration process and stops the transfer of fresh air causing warm air to circulate every time. Cleaning the condenser and replacing the air filter should improve the situation.

  • Increased Moisture Content In The Environment: According to indoor air quality experts, the moisture content in your indoor air should be around 30% – 50%. But if you feel there is a sudden increase in health complications in the family members’ health, it is better to call an AC service technician in Aurora, CO, to check the humidity levels in the indoor air.
    The humidity levels increase or decrease in the indoor air due to:
    • Broken condensate pans
    • Clogged drain lines
    • Leakage in the refrigeration lines
    • Broken blower fan or motor

During the inspection, if the technician finds increased humidity levels, the team might suggest you get a whole-house dehumidification service. If the moisture content is less in the air, the team might ask you to get a humidification service done.

  • The Refrigeration Process Runs in a Continuous Cycle!:  The refrigeration cycle waits for 2-5 minutes and repeats after 10-15 minutes to bring the indoor temperature down. You can hear the beginning and end of the cycle, and if you notice any irregularity in the schedule, then you should contact the AC service in Aurora, CA.
    Some reasons why your AC system is running without stopping for a minute: 
    • Small-size AC unit
    • Dusty air filter
    • Air leakage or worn-down insulation
    • AC system’s old age

If unresolved, it will affect the evaporator coils and the compressor’s functioning.


You should call and schedule maintenance service annually because it keeps all the problems away for an entire year.

Stop searching for AC repair near me when you have a credible and reliable HVAC company to resolve your AC-related issues. Contact Technic Air Mechanical for prompt and best HVAC services.

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