All You Need To Know About AC Smells

A good-smelling and nicely cooled home is what you need when you return from work or the outdoors. A bad smell can be perturbing for homeowners, especially if its causes are unknown. One of the reasons your home smells bad could be your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner is responsible for maintaining your indoor air quality levels. It purifies the indoor air and keeps it free from allergens, pollen, dirt, and bacteria. When there is something internally wrong with your air conditioner, your home starts smelling foul.

You should contact a professional technician for air conditioning tune-up services in Aurora, CO when you notice a constant foul smell lingering in your home. However, you can also try a few tips to see whether you can remove the smell yourself or not. It may save you a bill from the technician:

Dirty socks

Unless you have some laundry left in your home, your air conditioner is the only reason your home smells of dirty socks. Dirty socks smell can be unpleasant for the family members, especially if someone is sensitive to smells. If you notice this smell in your home, time to check and clean your ducts.
When the air conditioner works, it sucks in the warm air, cools it, and pushes it back into your home. During this process, a few water droplets stay inside the system, which leads to bacterial growth in ducts and vents. The bacterial growth causes the dirty-socks smell in your home. The best way to avoid this smell is to clean your system regularly and take care of your ducts.

Rotten eggs

Before blaming your air conditioner for your home smelling like rotten eggs, ensure there are no rotten eggs in your kitchen and fridge. If you do not like picking up dead insects and small animals, it is best to contact a professional for help, as an air conditioner that gives off a rotten-eggs smell indicates a dead animal or insect in the system.
Small insects and animals sometimes enter the compartments of air conditioners and begin decomposing after trapping in there. The decomposition of those animals leads to a rotting-type smell in your home. Moreover, it can also invite various diseases into your home, so you should clean it up at the earliest.


This type of smell is similar to dirty socks and has a similar reason. You may be aware of the drain duct in your air conditioner, which collects the condensed water droplets from the system and flushes them outside your home. However, the drain duct gets clogged due to several factors, and the water collected in it does not drain out.
The water trapped in the drain duct breeds bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that create a spongy and foul smell whenever you switch on your air conditioner. You can unclog your drain duct by flushing your drains with a mixture of water and vinegar.

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