A furnace can make a lot of various noises. Fortunately, we’ve been conditioned to the unusual sounds our heating system makes for most of us. When you rest in bed at night, you wait to hear the familiar rumble that lets you know everything is okay and the night ahead will be warm.

Routine furnace sounds are a relief in themselves, letting you know your heating system is at work to keep your residence nice and toasty. But what about the noises that aren’t part of your furnace’s conventional operation? Could these noises suggest impending issues for homeowners? What do these booms, screeches, and crashes mean?

Keep reading to know more!

Whining Noise

This disturbing noise isn’t as significant as the others, but it needs to be dealt with all the same. This noise is normally caused by:

  • A loose or slipping blower belt should be fixed by a technician or restored if it’s chafing.
  • An experienced technician must replace a malfunctioning blower motor.
  • Shaft bearings that need oil to the lubrication port at each end of the shaft.

Loud Grinding Noise

This noise generally means that there is an issue with the furnace’s squirrel cage blower wheel. In such a case, I was hoping you could turn off your furnace as soon as possible to stave off any further damage to the furnace and call an expert for heating repair near me.

Scraping Noises

If your system is making scraping noises, particularly the sound of metal rubbing metal, some part is loose and needs to be fixed immediately. The problem is probably with your blower wheel. If it is broken, your furnace will not be able to heat your residence properly. A competent technician should fix any issues with your blower wheel.

Banging Noise

Causes of banging noises include:

Dirty furnace burners: Does it take a lot of time for our furnace to kick start? This is a late ignition caused by dirty furnace burners. The soot and residue keep the burners from igniting, so the gas builds up. After ignition, it makes a banging noise like a mini-explosion in the furnace. These small outbreaks can crack the heat exchanger, expensive to repair; therefore, you should not ignore them.

Extending air ducts: If you hear a noise from a distance, the ducts may expand as the furnace blower turns on.

Squealing Noises

A high-pitched wailing noise could mean various things, but normally, it is due to a part that must be replaced or overhauled. Damaged components like a frayed blower belt or a malfunctioning blower motor can generate these noises. They can cause problems for your furnace that will be more serious. It is best to get them overhauled before they cause any harm to your furnace.

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