Annual HVAC maintenance is among the most common suggestions by all experienced HVAC contractors. Generally, homeowners look online for ‘HVAC services near me during fall and spring. In addition to the annual heating and cooling tune-up, you should also take care of your HVAC system with inexpensive routine maintenance tips.

Things included in professional HVAC maintenance service

The annual HVAC maintenance costs around $72-$100. You can also opt for an HVAC maintenance plan for the most cost-efficient and prompt HVAC servicing. The heating and cooling maintenance service provided by a specialist include:

  • Whole HVAC Evaluation 

Our technician inspects the condition of the thermostat, electrical connections, safety devices, condenser, compressor, motor, blower, drainage system, coils, and all other contributing components of the HVAC.

During the inspection, our technician also monitors the heating and cooling quality. The inspection helps in understanding the condition of your HVAC.

  • Cleaning the Unit

Our professional service also includes flushing the drain lines and cleaning the entire HVAC. The technician will replace the air filter and clean other components using a powerful vacuum and water hose.

  • Detect and Fix the Flaws 

Next, our HVAC expert will detect various defects, leakage, and other requirements. The expert will fix the loose parts, crack complaints, rotten ducts, and broken parts. This step also includes lubricating the motor and refilling the refrigerant. 

After servicing your HVAC system, our experienced professional will advise you on its maintenance. Once you are satisfied with the service, the technician leaves your home.

Things included in DIY HVAC maintenance

If you maintain your HVAC system independently, you will ensure the proper usage and function of your unit. It also reduces the cost of heating and cooling services. Things you can do to maintain your HVAC are:

  •  Maintain The Air Quality

Whether you have central AC, a furnace, or a ductless mini-split, you should maintain the air quality by replacing the air filter once every 90 days. The following two conditions increase the frequency of changing the air filter.

  1. Families with senior citizens, children, or asthma patients should consider replacing the air filter once every month 
  2. The houses with several pets need air filter replacement once every 60 days
  • Protect The HVAC Unit 

You should protect your HVAC system from debris and dirt by trimming the vegetation and maintaining the appropriate distance between the AC unit and natural shading. You can also prevent your AC from running continuously by shading the windows.

  • Examine Safety Features 

Check frequently whether your furnace safety devices are working or not. You should check the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed in every room and replace the batteries when these devices are not working. 

If you follow these tips, you can avoid having to search for AC repair near me for any emergency service. Moreover, professional and DIY maintenance will help you reduce the heating and cooling monthly energy cost.

The final word

While hiring a technician for HVAC maintenance, look no further than Technic Air Mechanical.  We are a professional HVAC company founded in 2008, and can help you with the most honest, professional, and transparent HVAC services in the Wheatridge, and Colorado area. Call us if you need an annual tune-up or for any of your HVAC needs.