What Makes An AC Compressor Stop Working?

Compressors are essential components in HVAC systems, and if they are not serviced or repaired within the prescribed time frame, they will cause problems with your system. The pump is what circulates coolant throughout the system, keeping your home cool and comfortable. While operating, the compressor produces a lot of heat.
HVAC experts can assist early on whenever you encounter an issue with HVAC compressors. The first step is to learn about the common causes and how to address them to the professionals conveniently. Here are some of the common causes of compressor failure.

Causes of AC compressor failure:

Suction line obstruction

If your air conditioner is not blowing cold air, it is most likely because the suction lines are blocked or damaged. As the compressor overheats in this situation and pressure builds, the air conditioner will likely be destroyed.

Blocked condenser coil

The accumulation of dust and debris on your condenser coil can also lead to higher temperatures within your air conditioner. As that layer continuously throws out cool air, it also prevents efficient heat expulsion out of the system. Thus, the system overheats, damaging the compressor.

Consistently maintain the refrigerant level

Maintaining a constant refrigerant level is essential at all times. However, the suction lines may develop holes and split over time, causing leakage. Consequently, the compressor bears the brunt of the load by constantly pumping gas throughout the system to keep cooling. These efforts may eventually lead to compressor failure.

The ideal length of a refrigerant line

AC compressors might also fail due to incorrectly sized suction lines. The compressor will fail if the length is shorter or longer than the specified length.

Signs of AC compressor failure

One of the following symptoms can detect an air conditioner’s compressor failure. You can rely upon us for your AC service in Aurora, CO:

  • An air conditioner can make hissing sounds for several reasons. When an air conditioner compressor fails, it makes a rattling sound. This occurs when a part of the motor ceases to work smoothly. This is usually the first sign that a compressor has failed.
  • In the event of a malfunctioning compressor, the machine cannot blow as much air as before. Consequently, there is less airflow than usual. The flow drops slowly. Several factors can lead to inadequate airflow, but the most common is a faulty compressor.
  • The presence of warm air is an indication that the compressor is failing. Please do not ignore this problem; instead, search for the best AC repair near me. You might have a faulty compressor or a lack of refrigerant, causing the heat to radiate from your air conditioner. An air conditioner that does not have a lower airflow pressure will usually begin blowing hot air.

If your air conditioner exhibits any of the above symptoms, it’s advisable not to overlook it. It would help if you had your AC system checked by a certified HVAC technician on time to address and resolve any issues. Contact one of our skilled technicians if your compressor has stopped working or needs service. Our services are among the best AC companies in Aurora, CO. Visit our website and learn more.

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