Nothing is more frustrating than having a furnace breakdown right in winter when you need it the most. It is easy to recognize that your unit is in bad condition and needs attention if it is not warming you up. However, it is best to avoid trying to do the repairs yourself to save a few bucks. Instead, search for heating repair near me and call the trusted professionals at Technic Air Mechanical to service your system effectively. 

Common furnace problems that need repair

  • Inappropriate furnace size

Finding the right size furnace should be your priority when buying a furnace. For this, you would need to hire a professional HVAC expert who measures the size of your home and other factors that affect the heating in your home.

Know that a larger-than-required furnace will short cycle frequently, use unnecessary energy, and wear down quickly, while a small-sized unit will never be able to provide you sufficient heat.

  • Age of the furnace

As your furnace approaches its old age, around 15 to 20 years, a replacement becomes necessary. You would start noticing signs of inefficiency, such as increased energy bills and frequent and expensive repairs. It is better to look for a replacement job from heating contractors near me before your unit retires.

  • Clogged air filters

Your furnace often produces heat, but it may not be reaching you because of the dirty and clogged air filters. It drives your energy bills up as the air handler works hard to compensate for the reduced airflow and the heat exchanger overheats quickly. Here, you need regular cleaning and maintenance, not a replacement.

  • Poor insulation

For more heat to stay indoors, proper insulation is a necessity. Over time, the air gaps enlarge and absorb moisture, letting the heat escape. Therefore, re-insulation and removal of moisture are essential for furnace efficiency.

  • Thermostat issues

Thermostat settings could be a problem if not set correctly. Set the fan to ‘auto’ and not ‘on’. It would save you energy and allow the system to warm the air before sending it out. Try new batteries if it does not run, or opt for a professional repair by searching for heating repair near me.

  • Duct network issues

Similar to the air filters, when your ducts fill up with debris, hair, dust, and other pollutants, the airflow to every corner of your home is restricted. Apart from the filters, you need to clean the ducts, vents, and registers, which show dust buildup and uneven heating throughout the house. Make sure your vents are clear of obstructions for a balanced air transfer.

  • Lack of maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance helps you maintain your furnace at optimal working efficiency. Over time, your furnace loses its lubrication, collects dust, uses more energy due to worn-out electrical connections and broken parts, and even stops running.

Therefore, maintenance services include complete inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and adjusting all the components for safety and efficiency.

To Summarize

While you are searching for heating contractors near me, trust the professionals at Technic Air Mechanical to get your furnace back on track. Contact us via call. Read more of our testimonials on the website and schedule a service today.