The AC compressor is an expensive component that compresses the refrigerant (Freon gas) and pumps it through the system to remove humidity and heat from the air. However, various factors can damage the compressor, and your AC can stop working unexpectedly on a hot day. In this case call AC service in Aurora, CO immediately to address the issue.

Below are some red flags you will notice if the AC compressor is not working.

Five signs that your AC compressor is not working as it should with solutions

Let’s begin!

1. Your AC is not cooling anymore

If your air filters are clean and working and there are no refrigerant leaks, the damaged compressor may be causing a lack of cold air. Yes, the compressor can get damaged due to a blown electrical fuse as electrical issues cause a build-up of acids in the AC parts and result in system burnout.

Solution: If your circuit breakers and fuse keep tripping, call a professional for AC services immediately. A trained and reliable technician will check the electrical service panel and the fuse box to ensure a fuse isn’t the issue.

2. Reduced Airflow all of a sudden 

If you never clean the air filters of the AC, bacteria, dirt, fungi, and insects can pile up inside your AC. Besides, dust, leaves, weeds, pests, and bird droppings can infiltrate the compressor system, which malfunctions if you don’t clean your AC. 

Solution: Google air conditioner repair near me and schedule a maintenance service with professional technicians. Skilled techs will clean your system, diagnose minor faults in the compressor, and repair them on time. 

3. Odd noises and less cooling

A faulty compressor can cause growling, clattering, or screeching noises when your AC is on. Electrical failures or damage in the compressor can cause rattling noises, and you can damage your AC if you ignore it for a long time.

Solution: If the hardware in the compressor is broken or loose, you will hear a loud squealing due to high internal pressure. Call an AC service in Aurora, CO, immediately to check these issues and fix the problem

4. Coolant leak and inadequate cooling

Unlike other AC parts, the compressor is prone to wear and tear and can leak liquid coolant over time, causing inadequate lubricant levels, which leads to complete compressor failure.

Solution: Avoid this by hiring an expert technician who can check the lubricant levels, fix any damage in the compressor, and resolve other issues reducing lubricant levels.

5. Electric bill going up and ac blowing warm air

When the refrigerant lines or condenser coils are blocked or damaged, the increased pressure to cool your room causes overheating of the AC compressor and leads to compressor damage.

Solution: A qualified technician can check the refrigerant line doesn’t have any leaks and condenser coils are working fine. By doing so, they can expand the life of your AC compressor. So, call an expert AC service in Aurora, CO, for help!


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